Web apps

Full stack Python web apps

Python never ceases to impress me. On one end of the spectrum, you can use it to build simulations, process images and signals and perform data science. On the other end, you can quickly and easily build a full stack web app that is complete with a front-end, REST API and a backend (which is typically a DB process), all in Python.

Hazard monitoring apps

Maps and Apps that I love

For the love of geography, below is a set of maps and apps (mostly built by someone else) that encourage spatial thinking

  • Urban observatory. A fantastic app to visually compare up to 3 different cities. The app presents 3 map windows (for 3 cities) and locks the map scale, allowing you to observe the size (and magnitude) of those cities. Load up cities in the same country are across the world to see if Los Angeles is really larger than Mumbai and New York. Settle that argument you had in the bar, forever.

  • The living land. An Esri produced story map journeying through the changes mankind has made to the land surface of this planet. With beautiful charts, maps, animations, drone footage this story provides a compelling and an unbiased view of the livable land and how mankind has put it to use.