Exercise - compose a web map with newly published web layers


  1. Create a group called ‘hands_on’. If you are sharing an Enterprise / AGO then prefix the group with your initials so there is no conflict.
  2. Use the datasets downloaded in the /datasets/ directory (or any data that you wish) to publish at least 3 layers to your Enterprise.
  3. Compose a web map by adding these layers as operational layers.
  4. Use ‘dark gray canvas’ for basemap.
  5. Share the web map and all the web layers to group
  6. Display the web map in map widget
  7. Open the web map from some other client - portal map app, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, smart phone apps


  • Use the web_map_simple.json file as a template for web map json. Read this json into a Python dictionary and modify it in-memory
  • Refer to the sample https://developers.arcgis.com/python/sample-notebooks/publishing-web-maps-and-web-scenes/ for some ideas
  • Refer to the Web Map spec if you want to customize the web map beyond the simple JSON found in the helper file.
  • As an alternate, publish the web map using a different client or authoring environment and access it using the API. Inspect that web map json to get some ideas